Martina Singer

Artist — Photo Art and other Media

Enjoy watching my art-process as it has developed through a lot of different phases . 


The latest creations

10 Seconds Selftimers

They bring it all together, what makes me and my personal impact:
human, person, woman, artist, fairyteller. 

Based in Munich 

Born and working in Munich —  with all its mythical impact, inspiring surrounding and subtile strangeness. 

Please Feel Free ...

Martina Singer 

... Watching My Art-Process ...

Photo Arts ...

... as it developes over the years.

... and other Media.


Find a selection of my works from different phases of my transformative development. 


These Videos are sponsored by Deutscher Künstlerbund/Neustart Kultur 2021

Live Lines and Exhibitions

From latest to early works, to exhibitions and live data you will find here some informations.
Also press and social media links might be of interest for you.

Martina Singer — Fairy Art

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Humboldtstr. 15, 81543 München (Bavaria, Germany)


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