About Me

Early Works

Myths and fairytales are an integral part of the incarnation. They allow us a pictorial approach to complex and profound topics. In contest the serial arrangement and partly reduced pictorial language as a formal aspect. The blurred, distorted forms a dreamy and surreal space that creates an alienation of reality. 

More about my art and its concept

10 seconds (10 SecSelftimer, 2019—2020) is the time I have to put myself into the scene. This condition—in conjuction with short time or long time exposure—creates a lot of very interesting photos.  

I also deal with different women roles, take often ironically. Fabric, clothing, costume, shell versus nudity stage, these topics keep me busy. 

Mythological aspects–the animal, the plant—inspired by the Butoh Dance influence my work.

The foolish often plays a big role and is looking among other things, the relationship to Bosch and Brueghel figures.

There is a fairytale part, mainly digital photocollages, all photos shot by myself. The newer photos are made in my "Black Room" in my studio. 

Another part are the landscapes, also digital collages. Everything you see in these series is built by myself. 

The recent artworks, years ago, working with similare themes. These photos are all analog. 

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2018            Group exhibition Fürstenfeldbruck/Munich 

2018            Master examiation Kung Fu,  Ajahn Lao, Munich 

2018            Exhibition, "Census to Bethlehem" in Arskrippana, Losheim/Eifel 

2016            Exhibition, scupltural interpretation "Census to Bethlehem" by Pieter Brueghel the 
                     Elder (1566) in the Bavarian National Museum 

2013            Opera Munich, Opera festival soloist Butoh dance, "La trovatore"/Verdi 

2013            Participant Art Fair "Obacht", Munich 

2012            Group exhibition from Gedok, munich 

2012            Group exhibition from Gedok, Leipzig 

2010            Solo Exhibition, Hotel Blauer Bock, munich 

2008            Drawings for "Friedrich", science fiction novel 

2006            Group exhibition, "Serienweise", Burghausen        

2005            Solo exhibition, Weilheim 

2004            Group exhibition "Body", Rosenheim 

2003            Exhibition, Munich Science Days 

1997/98      Various performances, company Stefan Maria Marb 

Want to know more?

Live Lines 

2004/05   Founding member of the association "wen(n) Gaia inspired e.V" board member. 
Purpose of the association is in-depth perception of art and culture by nature, Weilheim 

1988/90   Participant of seminars, academy of visual arts, Munich 

1985/86   Cooperation with the theatergroup, located in Düsseldorf, assistant in the design of the scenery and development of own roles.  [www.theaterlabor-traumgesicht-ev.de]

1987/78   Visit of the drawing school Zeiler, Munich 

1984   Half-year stage internship in the painting hall of the Bavarian Opera, Munich

1960   Born in Munich