Portfolio of Artworks

Brandnew Artworks

In this first categorie please find the latest works, pastell on black cardboard in different sizes, 
often experimental and ... 
... and a special way of working with pastels. 
Stay aware! Enjoy! And please tell me your associations! 

 10 Seconds Selftimer

10 seconds = the time I have to put myself into the scene inside the Black Box, that I built in my studio.
This condition—in conjuction with short time or long time exposure—creates a lot of very interesting photos.  
Everything you see in these series is built by myself.


 The female protagonist researches outside spaces. With the help of the cladding, the landscapes become the backdrop.

The artist's situation in shutdown is ironically reflected.

dance outside butoh veil nature forest
green and red art photoart performance art outside dance lake unsharp
winter colours performance art photoart outside nature art


The landscapes are a mixture of shots of nature with the aim of bringing these in touch with the own emotional world. 
Every existence needs a place for something to develope. 

The landscapes are assembled from real landscape photographs but are more of a dream sequence. 

sand train fairy dream mystical nowhere
munich bavaria großhesseloher brücke orange and blue experimental photography
headless woman clouds head in the sky woman in red


Mary as the protagonist steps at the stage and experience various adventures.
Everything is possible, only the fantasy world exists.
It is a synergy of inside and outside world as digital collages. 


The dancers are a mixture of photography, drawing and painting in connection with water and nature. 
Flowing water, puddles, small pools are the expression of different emotional states in these photos. 


For these photographs I built scenes from natural materials in which the figures fit organically as a small component.


Pornographic newspaper fragments serve as the backdrop for these photo collages. Content of sexuality is reflected in a playful way.


The combination of drawing and soldier figures creates the effect of endless desolation and forlomness. 
The soldiers are connected via the shadow, as a symbol of the negative unconscious


From 2013 - 2016 I created a 3D model from the famous painting "Volkstelling to Bethlehem", 1566, by the flemish painter Pieter Brueghel the elder. One concern when modelling was to recreate the emotional make up of the figures.


These are