2. X-treme Women Art Prize 2022 Munich Berlin

Curated by Lily Fürstenow, part of the organisation and jury, among others, artist Martina Singer,  sponsored by Sammlung Schirm, Berlin

This is the second X-treme Women Art Prize Berlin, after the initial and very sucessful 2021 Frauenkunstwettbewerb sponsored by the scholarship of Deutscher Künstlerbund. Our idea is mainly to increase the visibility of women artists based in Berlin. The project is an experiment as an online competition and envolves with the process. We are very happy that we are able to not only exhibit the artists digitally, but also in real exhibition places in Berlin at Brunnentreff Volkssolidarität Berlin/Art in Public Spaces.

We welcome you to our website. Enjoy the applications of the artists of the X-treme Women Art Prize 2022